✅ FAQs: Raubüberfälle und Sicherheit in Barcelona; wie Sie sich schützen können


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Robberies and assaults in Barcelona; protect yourself (home and personal insurance)

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    What risks are associated to your house and how can you protect yourself from those?

    We recommend that you take the utmost care not only in the streets but also in the apartment. Always close the door with double turn and check that the windows are closed when you leave at night.

    To protect against any risk, we recommend you to hire an insurance policy covering damages caused by theft or assault in which you would be the victim outside of your house.

    Likewise we recommend that you hire insurance that covers theft, flood and fire inside your home.

    We have established a collaboration agreement with the insurer Catalana Occidente. For terms and conditions of insurance policies, contact your ShBarcelona counselor.

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    What to do if you are a victim of a robbery in Barcelona?

    Go as quickly as possible to the nearest police station to make the report. Please consider that the forms to file a report are in Spanish or English. This report will allow you to:

    • Travel temporarily despite the theft your identity documents
    • Be able to be contacted in case they find your belongings
    • Be able to claim your belongings in the event that the find them
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    Are you the victim of a robbery and have insurance with ShBarcelona?

    IMMEDIATELY contact your counselor in ShBarcelona. We will explain how to proceed.
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    Are you the victim of a robbery and they have stolen the keys for the flat?

    IMMEDIATELY contact your counselor in ShBarcelona. You may request a lock change if needed or just copy of the keys if they cannot be matched to your flat. In any case nnotify us ASAP.

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