✅ FAQs: Die Schritte und Bedingungen für die Buchung einer Wohnung


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Steps and conditions to book an apartment

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    I want to book an apartment; how to proceed?

    1- Promptly notify the counselor in ShBarcelona by email or phone.

    2- Go to one of the ShBarcelona agencies (the 154 th in Sepulveda st for monthly rentals, 99 Casanova st for touristic rentals and purchase / sale services, and 200 in Bailen st for long stay rentals - see item "Useful information about ShBarcelona" for our contact details) with the necessary documents for the reservation. Please check here the document with the information about the renting process and documents to be provided.

    3- Once the documents are received by mail or hand delivered, the agency will validate your reservation request and send you the booking document indicating the total outstanding to close your rental.

    4- You can either make immediate payment of the total reservation amount (deposit, fees and rent for the current month), or pay a monthly fee as a deposit. In the option is the second one the flat will be booked to you and you should cover the outstanding amount anytime before receiving the keys.

    1. Once payment is made, you cannot change your mind without losing the entire amount of the reservation (the reservation amount equivalent to one month of the apartment booked).

    5- Once we receive the proof of payment (please send the receipt as soon as possible), you will receive the final booking document directly at the agency or by email.

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    What documents must be provide to book an apartment?

    Monthly and yearly rentals 

    The requested documents vary according to the reason for your stay in Barcelona.

    Please read this document detailing every reason for the stay and the various documents required.

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    What are the payments conditions?

    For the keys of your apartment, you need to pay the following amount:

    • The deposit (two months’ rent that will be returned between 15 and 30 days after the end of the contract).
    • The 1st rent (or proportionate part of the current month; if you come after the 14th of the month, we will ask you to pay the following month in advance as well).
    • The agency fees (1 monthly payment + 21% VAT). Please consider that there are discounts on our fees depending on the duration of your contract (from 32 nights to 3 months 30% discount and between 3 and 6 months 20% discount).

    Water, gas and electricity consumption will be charged as well (the amount to be charged monthly varies depending on the number of rooms: 1 room 100 €, 2 bedrooms 140 €, 3 habitaciones 180 € and 4 rooms or more 240 €) along with the monthly payment from the second month of the lease, directly through your EU bank account.

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    How can you make payment for a reservation?

    Directly in our office, you can pay by cash or credit/debit card. Please consider that our bank partners VISA and MASTERCARD request a commission of 1% and AMERICAN EXPRESS a 3%. We appreciate your understanding.

    You can as well make a bank transfer. Here are our bank details:

    Entity: Banco Sabadell
    Address: C/ Comte Borrell, 87 - 08015, Barcelona
    Title: Decoflat
    IBAN: ES65 0081 1763 11 0001002404
    Reference: Name and reference tenant floor
    Account number: 0081 1763 11 0001002404

    Do not forget to specify the concept of the transfer your name and reference of the rented flat and send us the bank receipt by email to sh@shbarcelona.com and please consider the times for international transfer as we will need the money to be in our account before handling the keys.

    You can also pay by card from your house or use a Pay Pal account (please see policies).

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    Once you have made the payment of the reservation, which documents will you receive?

    Once we receive all your documents and payment for the reservation, we will send you a booking document where we will show:

    • Your lessee information
    • The purpose for your stay
    • The address of the rented apartment
    • Lenght of the contract
    • Payment terms
    • The amount already paid
    • The outstanding amount (to be paid before or at the time of handing over the keys)
    • EU bank account number (you have 10 days after contract signing to communicate your account).
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    How to pay your rent?

    Payment can be made in the following ways:

    • By direct debit each month on your EU bank account. The debit occurs on the 1st day of each month.

    • Or if you do not have a EU bank account and you do not want to have it, must in this case pay all the stay in one payment.
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    It is obliged to open an EU bank account for an apartment?

    No, it is still not mandatory when doing the booking. It is required from the time when the lease is done. You have 10 working days to open a bank account. Lease, do not forget to communicate your bank details so that we record in our system for future payments.
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    How to open a Spanish bank account?

    We recommend the bank we work with, BBVA banc, located in Rambla Catalunya 98, as they know our activity and facilitate the opening of accounts of our customers, you need to presenting your passport or identity card and your lease with ShBarcelona. The process itself takes no more than 10-15 minutes.
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    When he performs the debit for your car?

    From the 1st day of each month we launch debit orders so our bank debits are made between the 1st and the 5th day of the month. In fact, we strongly recommend that you check before the 1st day of the month that you have sufficient funds to attend the monthly payment. You must take into consideration that we apply a penalty of 75 € in the event that the debit is rejected by your bank.
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    Can you reduce the amount of the deposit for an apartment?

    No, the amount of the deposit is one of our prerequisites to rent an apartment. This amount has been agreed with the owner.

    There is no reason why the owner will not return the deposit as long as the flat is well preserved.

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    In what time frame will be refunded the deposit?

    The deposit will be returned within a maximum period of 30 days from the end of the contract. This amount will be refunded by transfer on the bank account you provide whatever the country of destination is.
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    Can you bring your pet to the apartment?

    We have apartments in which animals are accepted and others that do not accept pets. To facilitate your search, contact directly one of us so that you can have the list of apartments that accepts animals.
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    Is there an extra charge if you live in the apartment with your pet?

    In case you want to rent a flat and bring your pet, we normally ask for an additional month deposit. This has been agreed with the owner because of the additional risk involved. You will recover your bail entirely without any problem if the flat is taken care of as if it was your own.