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Renting options

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    Short term rentals until 31 days

    All of our apartments are fully furnished and equipped. There are no surprises; our prices cover all charges (water, electricity, gas) and the Internet for most of our apartments.

    Our team keeps itself available 24/7 throughout your stay. We will accompany you and respond to your needs, and make your experience in Barcelona as enjoyable as it can be.

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    Monthly rentals from 31 days up to 12 months

    • The open contract from 1 to 12 months: this type of contract allows the tenant to terminate the contract in advance, if you respect a two months' notice time. In the absence of notification, to cancel the contract in advance the tenant must pay the total amounts of the monthly installments provided until the end of the contract and the costs associated with the consumption of water, electricity and gas, even if not occupying the house.
    • The fixed-term contracts: are contracts in which the expiration date is fixed in advance. IF the tenant decides to terminate the contract before the agreed date she/he must pay the full amount of the monthly rental provided, as well as the costs associated with the consumption of water, electricity and gas for all duration of the contract even if not occupying the house.

    How to choose between the open and the fixed one?

    If you already know the entry and exit dates, this prevents you from thinking about sending a notification. In addition, if you choose a contract for less than 6 months, you can benefit from a discount on our agency fees (see "Reservation and rental conditions" section for more information). However if you do not know exactly the departure date, then choose the tranquility that provides a flexible contract up to 12 months. So you have time to think and communicate the definitive ending date.

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    Yearly rentals, contract until 3 years, renewable

    Are you considering finding accommodation in Barcelona on a long term basis or even for an indefinite period? Long term rental contracts in Barcelona are 3-year renewable contract, with a minimum stay of 6 months to prevent penalization.

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